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Statistics on Texting and Driving: An Infographic


Stats on Texting and Driving

Truck drivers deal with a lot of danger during their workdays – malfunctioning equipment, cargo thieves, over-heating brakes and 4 wheelers who don’t pay attention because of texting. Even though the federal government passed an outright ban for all hands-on cell phone use in commercial vehicles, it’s up to individual states to set legal restrictions on texting by car and light truck drivers.

This handy infographic on texting and driving from our friends at Big Oak Studios shows us which states have full federal compliance and which states have zero measures in place to keep truck drivers safer.

It also shows us that the age group that poses the biggest threat through distracted driving is 16 – 19 year-olds. An incredible 51.4% of them text while driving.

Have a look at the Statistics on Texting and Driving Infographic below, and as usual – stay safe out there truck drivers!

Texting While Driving Endangers Truck Drivers
Click this image to view the full size version.

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