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Truck Drivers Are Taking Their Concerns To The White House


VoteTruck drivers across the country are fed up with over regulation, lack of safe parking, cities telling drivers they are not welcome to park their tucks there, unfair tickets and citations, the list goes on and on.  A group of drivers have decided to fight back.  They’ve started the “Driver Sovereignty Bill” and an online petition. Their goal is to get the voice of the American truck driver all the way to the White House.

From the TruckerPetition.org website:

“The American truck drivers in 2012 could have written the Declaration of Independence. The amount of regulation we endure is akin to the IRS tax code. Most commercial drivers are all about safety and professionalism, and we agree those who aren’t should be stripped of their CDL. But government’s interference has created, and is perpetuating, a steady stream of newbie inexperienced drivers who have no business on the road — and make the rest of us look bad.

“How did the government do that? Years ago, people got into truck driving because they really liked the job — and so took their job seriously. Sure there are always some goof-offs, that’s human nature. But most drivers were true professionals. Over the years, speed traps, split speed limits, draconian logbook rules, excessive tolls, and “commando” enforcement officers have driven out good drivers and created an environment for “driver mills.”

“What’s a driver mill? A slang term for a truck job or school that goes through a steady flow of new drivers, only to have them quit or be fired. Common industry knowledge says that the average driver turnover rate in trucking is 125%. 125%!!!

“Why doesn’t the industry fix the turnover rate? Why should they?? New drivers work cheaper than drivers with 1+ years experience. The State governments don’t mind, they turn a profit on enforcement. Driver schools don’t mind, they get funded by the Federal government. The Federal government (congress) doesn’t mind because they’re bringing “safety” (enforcement) and “jobs” (driver mills) back to their communities.

“In the middle are the real truck drivers, the ones who are in it for the love of the road, who just want to do their jobs (professionally!) and go home. Our (citizens’) perspective is as important as the governments’ perspective, if not more so.

“Governments stick together. It’s time for drivers to stick together. Let’s take a cue from the protests going on around the world and demand our rights back. We did not “check” our Bill of Rights at the door of CDL school.”

If you would like to get involved, spread the information and sign the petition, follow this link to the petition site and follow this link to the group’s facebook page.   The group’s goal is to reach 1,000,000 signatures.

You can complain about the current state of the trucking industry, or you can take the steps to incite change.  Drivers, you are millions of men and women, who if banded together, could make a difference.


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