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Video: Firearms Expert Destroys Fridge, Injures Cameraman


Trucker Entertainment Exploding Injuries
Things that make you go “Boooooommm.”

Obviously this kid has some friends in connected places, since he was able to get ahold of a specialized Russian automatic shotgun and some, let’s say, special ammo for his web series called FPS Russia.

That’s all fine and good. It’s just that due to the low budget of the show, it looks like they don’t have enough money to do a safety run first before filming. It doesn’t turn out well.

What we know about “Dimitri Potapoff” is that he loves things that go bang and he loves to sell ironic Tshirts. He also hates fruit (we assume, since he treats most fruit very, very badly in his videos) and durable goods.

Dimitri is actually a character created by Kyle Lamar Myers of Georgia. His YouTube channel FPSRussia is very popular with gun owners and computer gamers. Kyle originally started the channel to demonstrate how accurate simulated guns in computer games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield: Modern Warfare are to their real world counterparts.

So, care to see what a “blooper” looks like on the set of a gun show? Step right up…

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/tD0PKDGlwiw” playlist=”FPS Russia Automatic Shotgun” title=”FPS%20Russia%20death%20bloopers” width=”450″ height=”320″ start=”3.50″]


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