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Fighting Odor On The Road



Bad odors have a funny way of quickly permeating an area. – It’s probably not even necessary to point out that yesterday’s empty-ish fast food bag can turn small areas like the cab of a truck into a very smelly space.¬†Learn more about fighting odor here!

Baking Soda is well known for it’s ability to absorb and neutralize odor. Whether it’s an opened box in the back of the mini fridge or sprinkled into your favorite boots, baking soda almost always does the trick. You can also sprinkle baking soda into carpeted areas to make the disappearance of odors one effortless run of a hand held vacuum away! Keep in mind that the box in the mini-fridge is only effective for up to three months.

Charcoal is also known for it’s ability to absorb pesky odors. You’ll want to be sure that you’re using activated charcoal or charcoal briquets. Effective odor absorption is as simple as placing 4-5 pieces of charcoal into an open, empty coffee can and replacing the charcoal pieces every 2 weeks!

Vinegar possesses some serious cleaning power! Use it to sanitize, remove stains, deodorize areas, scrub scummy messes, wipe down mini fridges or microwaves, and even clean glass! – Even more importantly, it’s CHEAP! Check out this impressive list of 1001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar.¬†

Cedar Chips are also known to eliminate odors – in a very similar way to charcoal. Not only does it absorb, it also emits the very distinct smell of cedar – which you may or may not find enjoyable. Simply fill an empty coffee can or plastic bag with the chips, and leave in the area you’d like to keep fresh!

Air Fresheners which we would classify as an odor mask emits a new, hopefully more pleasant odor into the environment in hopes of covering up the previous smelly ones. – These are mostly effective against airborne odors.


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