Maine Turnpike

The Maine Turnpike Authority announced this week that construction delays have pushed back the reopening of the southbound off-ramp at Exit 52 to the Falmouth Spur.

The ramp was closed in May so that crews could complete major repairs to the 60-year-old bridge that spans the off-ramp and the Falmouth Spur.

The projet was originally slated to be finished by November, but crews have pushed the reopening back to late December.

Maine Turnpike officials said crews need additional time to increase the bridge under clearance, repair the bridge’s steel structure, partial replacement of the concrete bridge decking under the pavement and replacement of the bridge’s railings.

“Unfortunately, this does happen on some projects,” said Dan Morin, public relations manager for the Turnpike Authority. “Even after all the initial field work, planning and civil engineering, construction crews later found more structural damage and breakdown which needed greater attention and more work.” The project contractor has been working double shifts to complete the project as soon as possible.

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