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Microchip Your Pet For Peace Of Mind


Microchipping is a super simple, and relatively inexpensive procedure that can save a lot of headaches and heartbreak in the event that one of your pets gets loose and runs away while you’re out on the road.

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and are injected beneath the surface of your pet’s skin with a needle – right between their shoulder blades. It takes only a few seconds, and prompts a reaction from your pet similar to that of a simple vaccination.

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This form of ID is permanent, and will last for your pet’s entire life, and the identification process is very simple. In the even that your pet ends up and a humane society, pound, vet clinic, or an animal control office – authorities will simply wave a scanner over your pet’s shoulders, emitting a frequency that will read your pet’s ID number.

Pets have been known to be found thousands of miles away from home – thanks to the effectiveness of microchipping!

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