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New DriveID Cell Phone Blocking Technology Released


A driver identification platform called DriveID has just recently been released in Las Vegas. Drive ID was created by a Louisiana company called Cellcontrol to block the driver of a vehicle from using their cellphone. This of course, only works if the driver has registered with the DriveID service. The cellphone blocking capabilities of this product strictly apply to a vehicle’s driver – passengers will have the ability to text, talk, and browse freely.

The device stands alone, and functions using solar power. It is located on the windshield of the vehicle, and uses bluetooth technology to enforce that the driver will not be able to drive whilst distracted by their cellular device.

According to chief technology officer, Joe Breaux – the device accurately determines where the cell phone and the driver are in relation to the driver’s seat. – According to Breaux, fleets are jumping at the idea and the opportunity to decrease company liability and benefit that the device could provide to both the company, drivers, and everyone out on the road.

Another great motivator for fleet owners is the benefit the product has when it comes to Hours of Service regulations. Instead of using a key fob or a pin code to report drive time, the Cellcontrol technology does the reporting.

According to Breaux, “Our sales increase over 400 percent year over year, and next year our sales are project to increase at a rate greater than that,” – However, the company has not yet set a price point for the DriveID product.

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