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Here are the ‘Fuel Island 10 Commandments’ every driver should obey


#1. Thou shalt not relieve yourself at the fuel island.

#2. Thou shalt choose one pump and wait in that line, not park in the middle of the driveway and wait for one to open up.

#3. Thou shall pull away after thy hath finished fueling.

#4. Thou shalt drive at a reasonable speed in the parking lot so as not to endanger pedestrians.

#5. Thou shalt not wash thy truck with the squeegees (especially spillover fuel).

#6. Thou shalt not spray down thy truck with the water hose. The fuel island is not a truck wash be considerate – another driver could slip and fall.

#7. If thou art not fueling, do not park at the fuel island. Pursue air, water, and food needs from the proper parking lot.

#8. Thou shalt not discard ‘trucker bombs’ at the pump.

#9. If thou hath spilled fuel, report thy mess to keep from causing harm to the next driver.

#10. Thou shalt respect thy fellow driver. – We’re all in this together!


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