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Kenworth Announces New Cabover Options


Kenworth last week announced three new options for medium-duty cabovers.  The options provide “more diverse customer applications and body customization,” Kenworth states.

For the Kenworth K270 and the Kenworth K370, the cabover’s new options include a compact back-of-cab exhaust, which allows for more space for custom bodies, such as strew sweepers and road maintenance equipment.  In addition, the trucks feature a PACCAR PX-7 engine rating.

This year, Kenworth also introduced its clear frame rail package.  The package has been improved with Kenworth’s new cabover options and provides 12 additional inches of space for body instillations.

“The result is that Kenworth cabover applications have been extended – literally. This combination also allows for additional transmission PTO clearance, which is a plus, especially for construction applications,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.

The K270 and K370 come with a PACCAR PX-7. The PX7  can be specified with a top-rated 260 hp, 660-lb torque engine, a 200 hp and 520-lb-ft of torque or a 220 hp with 520 lb-ft of torque, which comes with an Allison 5-speed transmission.

TThe K270 and K370 cabovers can now be specified with the PACCAR PX-7 engine at a new top rating of 260 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque, in addition to a new 200 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque rating. The standard engine rating is 220 hp with 520 lb-ft of torque, mated with an Allison 5-speed transmission.

“More choices for engine ratings means fine-tuning the Kenworth cabovers to a customer’s specific application,” explained Swihart. “These are work trucks and the more we offer, the higher the degree of customization we can provide.”

Kenworth says that compared to a typical medium-duty conventional truck, the K270 and K370 offer up to a “30 percent improvement in curb-to-curb turning, while a 63.4-inch BBC provides an extra 45 inches of payload room. The Kenworth K270 and K370 come with 22.5-inch tire and wheel packages. Kenworth also recently announced a 19.5-inch tire and wheel option for the K270 for easier curbside pick-up and delivery.”

Both models offer a standard air-ride driver’s seat, a 2-person bench seat, with underneath storage, but single seat options are also available.

“We continue to evolve our Kenworth K270 and K370 cabovers to serve new applications as these models gain customer recognition in the marketplace. There is almost no job these cabovers can’t do,” said Swihart.

Kenworth Truck Company is the manufacturer of The World’s Best® heavy and medium duty trucks. Kenworth’s Internet home page is at www.kenworth.com. Kenworth is a PACCAR company.

Image Credit: Kenworth


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