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Truck Driver Turned Full-Time Artist


Reginald Baylor is a truck driver turned full time artist.

In a twist of events that even he admits doesn’t make sense: this father and Milwakee resident found himself selling paintings at the same time he was driving a truck. According to Baylor, he took the plunge and decided to commit to his art full time the same day he sold his rig.

“I think creativity is the new economy,” he says. “As a middle-class father and husband, who can buy a house and send his kids to a good school, while being an artist, I couldn’t ask for anything else in the world.”

Reginald uses bold lines and bright colors to turn traditional concepts into current works of art using multiple materials and “whatever resources necessary.”

In the clip below, local filmmakers from Milwaukee’s DearMKE project captures Reginald as he prepares for gallery night in the city’s Historc Third Ward. The artist talks about his love for the city and the ability to wake up every morning and create.

You can see his art on his website www.reginaldbaylor.com or check out his Facebook page here.

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