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35 Illegal Immigrants Found In Trailer, Trucker Says He Was Robbed & Duped


Truck driver Muchiri Rhodes is facing human smuggling charges after Border Patrol agents at the Falfurrias Checkpoint discovered 35 illegal immigrants inside his trailer last week.

Prior to his arrest, Rhodes told Border Patrol agents that he had just purchased the truck and that he wasn’t hauling any cargo. A K-9 agent alerted to the trailer and led Border Patrol to perform a second inspection and find the immigrants.

Rhodes claimed that the whole incident began after a night in a McAllen hotel with a woman named Maria. Rhodes said that when he woke up, she was gone — and so were his wallet and car. Stranded, Rhodes says he walked 13 miles to a Flying J truck stop where a man named Gonzolez offered him $200 to drive a truck to Alice. Rhodes said that he didn’t know what he was hauling.

The 35 immigrants were from Guatemala and Mexico. They all refused medical treatment. Authorities are working on sending them back to their home countries.

Border Patrol turned Rhodes over to Homeland Security for prosecution.

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