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9 Of The Most Bizarre Driving Laws On The Books


Ever read the latest truck driver regulations and say to yourself, “Who wrote this garbage? Have they ever been behind the wheel of a truck? Or even a car? Have they ever even seen a highway before?”

These bizarre still-on-the-books local laws will make even the most baffling DOT requirement or FMCSA ruling seem downright…sensible.

1. According to the DMV’s website, it is illegal in Missouri for you to drive with an uncaged bear (As if you have to tell a trucker to keep away from any kind of bear).

2. If you run out of miles in Eureka, California, remember that it is illegal to use a road as a bed.

3. As fun as it might sound (not), it isn’t legal for you to drive blindfolded in Alabama.

4. Keep your furry co-pilot in check in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, because it is illegal for him to “molest” a vehicle there.

5. In Rockville, Maryland, it is illegal to swear in a vehicle within earshot of another person on a street, sidewalk, or highway. An ill-timed f-bomb could land you in jail for 90 days!

6. Hilton Head, South Carolina says you can’t store trash in your truck because it might attract rats to the city.

7.  In Oklahoma, you will be ticketed for reading comic books while driving. So save the latest issue of “Batman” for the truck stop.

8. In Scituate, Rhode Island you can’t drive with beer in your vehicle, even if it is unopened. So, uh, good luck to all the Rhode Island beer truck drivers?

Maybe the most bizarre law?

9. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, it is illegal to have sex with a truck driver in a tollbooth. This one seems…very specific.

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