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Driver Throws Himself Out of Truck After Brakes Fail On Steep Road


A Utah man is lucky to have survived a truck driver’s worst nightmare after his brakes failed as he descended a steep and winding road in Cedar Canyon yesterday.

Brake Failure Forces Truck Driver to Bail

The man was driving a blue Mack truck home after delivering a load of tile when he believes his brakes failed on a steep road. Utah Highway Patrol said the driver “kind of” used his emergency brake before deciding to steer the runaway truck into rocks on the side of the road. Before the truck hit the rocks, the truck driver jumped out.

On-Site Evidence Backs Up Truck Driver’s Story

Police are still investigating the cause of the crash. They say that there are no skid marks on the road — backing up the driver’s story about brake failure. They also say that a preliminary mechanical investigation showed that at least one of brakes failed.

Driver Hurt During Escape From Cab

The driver suffered injuries to his head, lower back, and right leg. He is currently in the hospital.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

St. George Utah


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