Cargo Theft

Holiday weekends are notorious for increased cargo theft.  Cargo theft rings are aware that during holiday weekends, load are typically left unattended for a longer period of time, FreightWatch International states.

Between the 2010 and 2014 Independence holiday weekends, cargo thieves sole an average of $146,267 in cargo, FreightWatch International reports.

FreightWatch International recommends drivers stay vigilant.  If you plan to leave your truck unattended for the holiday weekend, it’s recommended you park in a well-lit, secure area.

Notable Thefts from Previous Fourth of July Weekends:

2014 – Full Truckload theft of Tablets in Georgia

2014 – Facility Theft of $451K in Cell Phones in Florida

2014 – Full Truckload theft of $200K of Meat in Texas

2013 – Fictitious Pickup of Produce in California

2013 – Pilferage of $257K of Cigarettes and Televisions in New Jersey

2012 – Fictitious Pickup of $263K of Building Supplies in California

2011 – Full Truckload theft of Pharmaceuticals in Illinois

2010 – Facility Theft of $300K in currency in New York

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