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Personal Property Insurance: Are You Covered?


Take a look around your truck.  How many personal belongings are with you?  If your truck was stolen, or God forbid, damaged beyond repair, how much money would it cost you to replace all of your personal belongings?

If you have a GPS, TV, fridge, microwave, clothing, phone, etc, you could have thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings in your truck.

If your personal belongings aren’t covered in the insurance policy, you’re out of luck!

Whether you’re an owner-operator or a company driver, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your personal belongings are covered.

Many are under the assumption that the insurance on the vehicle will cover your belongings, but that’s not always the case.

According to Insure My Rig, many insurance policies include an option that will cover your personal belongings, but are you sure your carrier opted for that additional coverage?

If you want to make sure your personal belongings are insured, it’s best to take out your own policy on your personal belongings.

OOIDA offers personal property coverage for up to $5,000.  For a very small premium per month, you could have the peace of mind that if your truck is stolen or damaged, your personal belongings will be replaced.

Call OOIDA for a quote at 1-800-715-9369. 


1. Ask your carrier if your personal belongings are insured. If they are, find out how much the coverage is. If it’s a small amount, you might want to consider taking out your own policy.

2. Take pictures of all the belongings you keep in your truck and keep a file on all the items you have.

3. When you buy new items for your truck, scan copies of your receipt. (Tiny Scan is a wonderful app that allows you to take a picture of your receipt and it saves the copy as a jpeg or pdf.) Keep copies of the receipts at home or email them to yourself! Don’t store the copies in your truck.

4. Call around and get quotes on a personal policy.

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