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Signs Installed Near Coca-Cola Plant Warn Truckers Of Fine


Officials in Northhampton have installed new signs in Ward 3 near the Coca-Cola plant warning truckers of a $300 fine for driving through residential areas to get from Route 9 to Industrial Drive.

GPS Blamed For Bringing Trucks Into Residential Area

Local residents have complained for years about the noise, damage, and traffic caused by trucks illegally cutting through the North Street neighborhood. Ward 3 officials say that many truckers use the residential streets to avoid a low bridge downtown when they are driving to Industrial Road. Officials say that faulty GPS is often blamed for bringing truckers to the residential area, but they suspect some drivers are just trying to avoid the traffic on Damon Road.

The North Street residential area already has signs banning trucks, but authorities are hoping that mentioning the possible $300 fine on the new signs will convince truckers to keep out.

Coca-Cola issued a statement saying that they have asked drivers to avoid the residential area on the way to their plant.

Law Enforcement Does Not Have Resources to Enforce Truck Traffic Regulations

Local authorities say that increased law enforcement would be a better solution, but they don’t have the manpower to enforce truck traffic. Of the 15 citations that have been issued on Lincoln Avenue and North Street since 2014, none were for oversized commercial vehicles.

Daily Hampshire Gazette


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