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RoadSwap is a new cloud-based app that helps truck drivers to buy, sell, and swap items with other drivers in their area. The app’s creators say that it is intended to replace inefficient CB radio swaps.

The RoadSwap app uses GPS technology combined with trucker-to-trucker classified ads to connect local buyers, sellers, and swappers.

The app was created by an over-the-road truck driver who was tired of his library of DVDs and frustrated by the bad truck stop WiFi that made it hard to stream movies. He wanted to be able to swap his too often watched DVDs with other truckers for movies he hadn’t seen. Later, he realized that other drivers would be interested in buying and selling other items.

The RoadSwap app tags listed items with your phone or device’s GPS. As you move, so does your item’s location. Other drivers at your location will always be able to see your listed items. If you decide that you don’t want to disclose your location, you can simply select “invisible” mode and hide your location and items.

The app also lets you track items that are out of your location and alerts you when the item comes close to you.

You can learn more at RoadSwap.com or download the app for free on iTunes or the Google Play Store starting September 21.


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