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Truck Driver Saves Woman From Jumping Off Bridge


Truck driver Ed Baggs helped to rescue a woman attempting to commit suicide by jumping off the Piscataqua River Bridge on Sunday (March 15th) in Maine.

Trucker Stops To Help

Baggs was crossing the bridge as part of his daily commute when he noticed a woman on the bridge staring into the water, preparing to jump. He immediately stopped to talk to her. He told the woman, “Come on, don’t do this” and kept talking to her two other drivers also stopped to help.

Driver Says He’s No Hero

But Baggs did more than talk to help save the woman. He said when the woman turned, he took action. In his words, “at the right moment, she turned again and I just went for it. I threw a hug, a bear hug on her that I don’t think a football team could have got me out of it”. Baggs says he didn’t do anything heroic on his daily commute, but he’s happy that he helped the woman live.

His only request? He does wish that he at least knew the woman’s name.



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