Trucker Mom Speaks Out

Nearly two months after a viral video of a 12-year-old boy driving a Peterbilt truck with his father in the passenger seat made waves online, the boy’s mom speaks out — and she isn’t happy.

Mom Says Son Was a Danger on the Road

The boy’s mother, 46-year-old truck driver Tammy Hauenschild, says her son “has no clue” what it takes to drive a truck. She says that she understands how much it takes to drive and stop a big rig and that there is no way that a child could safely operate a truck.

Police Choose Not to Get Involved

Hauenschild has contacted the police about taking legal action against her ex-husband and the boy’s father Kenny Hauenschild for endangering public safety, but they have declined to get involved, stating that this is a domestic dispute. The Highway Patrol stated that if they had pulled the truck over while the boy was driving, the boy’s father would have likely been liable.

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