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VIDEO: Woman Gets Hit By Car In Front Of Driver


This horrifying reader-submitted footage is an important reminder to look both ways before walking into traffic regardless of whether it’s a road or a parking lot.

“This is how my day started. The company tells me not to pull in to their lot and park on the street. So I did. Then she comes out to tell me that they will take me now. After she leaves, trying to get out of the cold – she runs without looking and gets hit by a car. Ouch. Broke the windshield and mirror off. Cops came. Lady in Volkswagen was older lady. Bawling, crying so bad, and shaking because she couldnt prove it wasn’t her fault. When I came up to offer my video. The officers and the lady froze and stopped everything they were doing… measuring… and asking questions… when I showed the video to everyone. The lady who got hit said shes fine. But she was far from fine. She barely walked and had concussion… She was in such shock she thought she was ok. But she’ll be ok, an ambulance came and took her to the hospital.” – Toly Delekh

toly delekh


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