Truck Stop Bathroom Camera

Following a storm of controversy that occurred when a truck driver spotted a camera in a truck stop restroom in Chicopee, Massachusetts, Pride officials have released footage from the camera and a statement about the incident.

After the camera was spotted, Pride officials were quick to explain that the camera was temporarily put in place in an attempt to catch a suspect who had repeatedly drawn anti-Obama graffiti in the restroom. The truck driver and three other men sought out the services of attorney Zoe Falken soon after.

Pride founder Bob Bulduc posted a video in which he took complete responsibility for the company’s actions. Pride officials also released video from the camera which showed that it was angled so that it was impossible to see inside any of the stalls. After seeing the video, Falken agreed to drop the case because the presence of the camera did not violate any state or federal laws.

Massachussetts Live

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