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Judge: Trucker Can’t Park His Rig At His Home


A North Dakota judge ruled on Tuesday that a Fargo-based trucker cannot park his rig in his own driveway.

Parking His Rig In Driveway Declared Violation Of City Ordinance

Truck driver John Wagner was found guilty of violating a city ordinance that forbids any truck over 5 tons within the Fargo city limits except on designated truck routes.

Wagner’s lawyer argued that many pickup trucks violate the 5 ton weight limit but do not face the type of enforcement that his client has endured. Fargo police say that they have actually issued 16 citations to pickup truck drivers for violating the 5 ton ordinance since 2014.

Trucker Ordered To Pay Fine

The judge ruled against Wagner and ordered him to pay a $100 fine. Wagner says that he may appeal the ruling. He has 30 days to do so.

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