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Retired Trucker Fulfilled Vow To Die Rather Than Having To Watch Presidential Debate


A retired OTR trucker who told his family that he’d “rather die than watch the presidential debate” did just that, checking out from natural causes the day before the first televised slug-fest.

Late trucker and veteran George Norman Davis is getting national attention thanks to a darkly humorous and timely obituary published on Legacy.com..

The obituary reads,

Apparently he meant it when he said he would rather die than have to watch the presidential debate.

It continues:

At least he is no longer obligated to vote, firmly believing regardless of the outcome, the nation is going someplace in a handbasket and he would rather travel in the opposite direction.

The obituary made note of Davis’s trucking past and his dubious skills as a mechanic:

He was an OTR trucker and later a great mechanic except for never being able to find the right parts.

You can click here to read Davis’s full obituary.


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