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All American Solar Eclipse: Oversized Loads Banned in Nebraska


Here is what you need to know about the solar eclipse and how it will affect your driving schedule.

What Will Happen?

Every 18 months the Moon moves directly between the Earth and the Sun, and on rare occasion the Moon will line up exactly with the Sun. This will cast a shadow on the Earth, and the Sun will look completely dark. This will be the first eclipse since 1918 that will cross all 50 states.

Why Is This Eclipse Different?

Since eclipses are not particularly unique you may be wondering why you have heard so much about the one happening this month. Unlike most eclipses, this one will be traveling from the west coast of Salem, Oregon to the east coast of Charleston, South Carolina, spanning the entire United States. This is the first time that an eclipse has moved from one coast to the other in the last 99 years!

Nebraska Banned Oversized Loads For Four Days

Nebraska thinks that there will be a large increase in traffic around the time of the eclipse; therefore, they have banned oversized loads from sunset on Friday, August 18 to sunrise on Tuesday, August 22. All oversized or over-dimensional loads that require a permit must find an alternate route to their destination. Vehicles operating solely on overweight permits will be allowed. Do not let this possible delay disrupt your schedule – if you have questions about this ban please contact, Nebraska DOT 402-471-0034 or Nebraska State Patrol 402 – 471 – 0105.

How Will This Eclipse Affect Your Driving?

NASA explains, “Over the course of 100 minutes, 14 states across the United States will experience more than two minutes of darkness in the middle of the day.” With the unpredictable darkness, visibility is an obvious concern. Be prepared for decreased visibility at any point in the day depending on your location.

What Not To Do

Although it may be tempting, do not look directly at the eclipse; it can cause serious damage to your eyes. Without the proper eye protection you could damage your eyes beyond repair – don’t even look at it through a camera, binoculars, or any other means.


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