The Delaware Department of Transportation has announced the opening of a new virtual weigh station located on SR 1.

The new weigh station is located on SR 1 at Exit 119 in Smyrna. Transportation officials say that the new weigh station was put in place in part because truck drivers traveling north through Delaware often use SR 1 to bypass the Blackbird Weigh Station located on U.S. 13.

The virtual weigh station sight includes various technology, including weigh-in-motion devices, license plate readers, over-height detectors, vehicle overview cameras, and USDOT number readers.

If the virtual weigh station system detects potential violations, electronic signage will direct the truck driver to exit SR 1 and proceed to the Blackbird Weigh Station for more intensive inspections courtesy of the Delaware State Police.

If the system does not detect any potential violations, the truck will be allowed to proceed along SR 1.

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