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Paste Magazine: Self-Driving Trucks Hurt Trump’s Chances Of Re-Election


A recently published article in Paste Magazine argues that if President Donald Trump allows self-driving trucks to put human drivers out of work, he could have a seriously tough time being re-elected.

Paste: Trump Cannot Stop Self-Driving Trucks

The article written by Jacob Weindling argues that truckers were instrumental in getting Trump the electoral votes he needed to win the presidency, but that the president will be unable to stop the automation of the trucking industry.

Weindling predicts that as self-driving trucks inch closer and closer to becoming a reality, truckers will turn against Trump and ensure that he doesn’t serve a second term as president.

Interestingly, the article argues that Trump could, if he chose, mitigate some of the harm to both himself and trucking by devising some sort of plan to create income for displaced truckers.

You can read the article in full here.


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