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Police seek man who pistol whipped, shot at trucker at Kentucky rest stop


Kentucky police are on the hunt for a suspect who attacked a truck driver after a road rage incident on I-75.

Trucker Assaulted By Angry Car Driver At Rest Stop

The road rage incident started during evening rush hour yesterday. The truck driver was headed north on I-75 near the Kentucky-Tennessee border. A motorist in a maroon Ford Taurus reportedly became angry at the truck driver and followed him to the Kentucky-Tennessee Welcome Center.

After the truck driver exited his vehicle, he was confronted and physically assaulted by the motorist. From the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department: “The victim said the assailant “pistol whipped” him with a revolver, and the firearm discharged one round during the altercation. The victim was not struck by the bullet, but the bullet did pass through the truck’s cab.

The truck driver was able to get away and drove to the Pilot Travel Center in Williamsburg, where he contacted the police. He was treated for non life threatening injuries

Police Ask For Help Finding Suspect

Here’s the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department’s description of the suspect: “He is described as a black male of light build and approximately 5’8″ tall. He had dreadlocks and the letter “L” tattooed on his neck. The style of the neck tattoo was compared to the monogram associated with University of Louisville.”

Police are asking witnesses to the assault or anyone with information on the suspect to call the Whitley County Sheriff’s Office at (606) 549-6017.

The Whitley County Sheriff’s Office offers the following tips for dealing with another driver who has road rage:
-In Kentucky, the left lane is for overtaking (passing) slower moving traffic. Holding the left lane when you could safely return to the right lane can result in a ticket.
-Following too closely (tailgating) can result in a ticket.
-If you encounter a hostile driver, avoid eye contact and do not engage with them by returning obscene gestures. Unless they create a dangerous situation, simply ignore them; you’ll probably never see them again. If they do create a danger, call 911.


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