Three Trucking Companies Announce Increase In Cruise Speed

Three major trucking companies have announced that their drivers will be allowed to increase their cruise speed starting next week.

Maximum Cruise Speed To Go Up For Many Truck Drivers

The announcement came from Winston Ostergard, Vice President of Maintenance and Equipment for Crete Carrier. Ostergard says that starting on Monday, June 19, all Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation drivers will have their cruise speeds upped from 62 m.p.h. to 65 m.p.h.

From the announcement:

“With that being said, I’m excited to announce, effective upon your first scheduled truck PM appointment on or after Monday, June 12, all Crete, Shaffer, and Hunt drivers maximum road speed while operating in cruise control will be adjusted from 62 to 65 miles an hour.”

Ostergard mentioned safety and fuel economy as the reasons that the companies had chosen to go with the lower 62 m.p.h. speed limit until now. However, he said that advances in safety technology and aerodynamics helped push the companies toward the speed increase.

From Ostergard:

Our evaluations concluded we could make this change without compromising on our seven principles. The most important being safety first and foremost. We would never sacrifice the safety of our drivers or those with whom we share the road. Your compliance with recommended fuel routing, reduction in idle time, and minimizing out of route miles will help us offset the slight reduction in MPG resulting from the increase in speed. We hope you are excited about this change! Our drivers are our best recruiters, please share this news with other drivers and help us hire the best drivers we need to support the growth of our customers. Thank you for your continued commitment to safety and serving our customers.

You can check out the video version of the announcement below.

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