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Hero trucker rescues woman unconcious on side of road


A truck driver’s second look at debris along the road led to the rescue of a woman dumped out with the trash and left to die. 

Guarding Angels

Gord Price was just hauling wood chips on his normal route from Chemainus to Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, but this run ended a little differently.

At 12:40 a.m. Tuesday, Price was on the Island Highway leaving Chemainus when he entered a stretch of road and saw what looked like crumpled debris on the side of the road.

He took a second look at the debris and was shocked when he saw a hand sticking out. Price hit the brakes and pulled over. While moving closer he made sure to warn oncoming traffic to avoid hitting the debris.

When he got to his destination his fears were confirmed when he found the body of a woman wearing a white housecoat lying unconscious against the cement median.

Fellow truck drivers stopped and helped block the highway while they wrapped up the woman in the blanket and waited for paramedics to arrive. Price said somebody, or something, must have wanted him to be there.

Price Labeled a Hero

According to the RMCP, Price’s actions saved the life of Patricia Galloway, making him a hero. Galloway spent the night in the hospital and was released Wednesday, ready to give a hearty thank you to the trucker who saved her life.

Galloway says that the last thing she remembers is going outside to look for her cat, but after that everything goes dark. Paramedics suspect she suffered a medical emergency, causing her to become disoriented and confused, but the details of the incident are still under investigation.


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