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Police puzzled after finding abandoned big rig on the beach


New York police were left with more questions than answers after a truck driver drove onto a beach and then abandoned his vehicle over the weekend.

Authorities in Riverhead, New York, say that sometime on Saturday night, a truck towing an SUV on a trailer drove off of a ramp and onto a beach near Edwards Avenue, according to reporting in Riverhead Local.

By the time that the truck was spotted and reported on Sunday morning, the truck driver, was nowhere to be found. Neither was the SUV — police say that the truck driver had taken it off the trailer and driven it away from the beach.

Police later caught up with the truck driver, who was identified as 43 year old Joseph Tuscano, when they pulled over the SUV. Tuscano was suffering from a head injury — though it isn’t clear what happened to him — and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Riverhead Police Chief David Hegermiller says that it isn’t clear what Tuscano was doing that left him stuck in the sand: “We don’t know why he drove onto the beach. He could have been lost and looking to turn around, but we don’t know.

Tuscano was charged for driving a truck on the beach.


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