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Trucker gets a “critical event report” for slamming on his brakes. When the safety department sees this video, they realize he saved two lives


A trucker’s hard braking maneuver is called into question — that is, until the safety department takes a look at this dash cam video.

“The SUV Would NOT Have Made It If I Didn’t Hit The Brakes.”

This video was sent in by CDLLife reader David Hayward, who writes, “Normally my company would want to know why I was driving in an unsafe manner to have to hit my brakes so violently. But I am in a new truck with a crash avoidance system. My hard brake data was sent with dash cam safety video, and information on the speed and distance of the vehicle in front of me. The SUV would NOT have made it if I didn’t hit the brakes. He was up to 81 by the time he got in front of me, narrowly missing a head on collision. He was doing 87 when he disappeared over the hill.”

Hayward told CDLLife, “I know drivers are worried about company dash cams. In this case, the truck issued a “critical event report” when I slammed on the brakes. When the safety department of my company looked at the video and read the data from the “Wingman Crash Avoidance System,” they realized I saved the lives of the 2 drivers. As a driver, I told them, “Yeah, people are stupid. I reacted like most drivers… got over it in 10 minutes.” All the non-drivers, however, are amazed.”


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