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Truckers tell all about the companies that actually treat them right


There have to be some good trucking companies out there, right?

A group of truckers recently came together on the free CDLLife app to talk about the positive experiences that they’ve had with the companies they’ve worked for — and we were so happy to see how many people had good things to report about trucking companies that treat their drivers right, both large and small.

It all started with a simple question.

More than 100 drivers chimed in to talk about the trucking companies that they love.

Here’s what they had to say.

Billy Miller writes:

“I drive for BlackHorse Carriers great place to work just delivery Aldi grocery stores home every day 4 or 5 day work schedule can easily make 100000 a year.”

David Akers said:

“Abilene Motor Express based in Richmond, VA family company and treat their drivers like family I driver OTR and they always get me home when I want off or if something happens and I need to get by the house they do their best to route me that way, easy going no forced dispatch, they have local and regional routes also. Mostly drop and hook”

Jim Black wrote:

“I’ve been with Prime for 19 years. I love it! I have never had a company treat me better, work with me through family emergencies better, or give me better opportunities for cash flow.”

Robert J Pineau said:

“I have worked for Big Freight Systems INC. For over 22years. They are a great company to work for.”

William Crane writes:

“TMC. Been here since October 2012 plan on staying till I can’t go anymore. You run like an owner app. Make as much or as little as you want or your experience level let’s you right from the start. And they really are a your family is first company.”

Ken Mac said:

“Red Classics is a great company. they have owner operators, local company drivers, and they just started company OTR. brad new trucks. They treat their drivers good.”

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