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UPS truck driver retires after 6 million accident-free miles


An Atlanta UPS truck driver is retiring after 43 years on the road without a single crash.

Sixty-six year old truck driver Jimmy Howard recently turned in his truck keys for good after driving for UPS accident-free for over four decades, according to a report from KDVR.

Howard started driving for UPS at the age of 22 in 1975, starting out as a delivery truck driver and then moving up to driving tractor trailers on a daily route from Atlanta to Mississippi — a 525 mile round trip. Over the years, those miles added up to more than 6 million.

Even more remarkable is the fact that Howard has also never been involved in a crash in his personal vehicle.

When he was asked the secret to decades to accident-free driving, Howard said, “A lot of luck, but I think God’s been with me most of the way. And great training from our management staff.”

You can check out the video below for more on Howard’s spotless driving career and well-deserved retirement.


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