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DOT to distribute an extra 200,000 masks directly to trucking companies


The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that they would be assisting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in providing a total of one million masks to U.S. truckers.

On April 29, DOT announced that they would donate 200,000 masks directly to motor carriers to distribute to drivers in an effort to protect their health during the COVID-19 crisis.

These 200,000 masks come in addition to the 800,000 masks that are already being distributed by the FMCSA at locations in eight states, making for a total of a million masks.

The masks distributed by the FMCSA were provided by the  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

For an updated list of mask distribution locations and dates, take a look below.

FMCSA Mask Distribution Locations and Dates


April 30, 2020

  • I-30 East/West at MM 93 (2.1 miles east Hwy 84) – Social Hills Rest Area 

Distribution begins at 10:30 am

  • Alma – I-40 east and west at Arkansas – Oklahoma Border
  • Hope – I-30 east and west at Arkansas – Texas Border
  • Riverside – I-40 west at Arkansas – Tennessee Border
  • Bridgeport – I-55 west at Arkansas – Tennessee Border


  • I-5 NB at MM 203 (outside of Los Angeles)
  • 8 California Highway Patrol (CHP) field divisions located in the following cities: Redding, Sacramento, Fresno, Vallejo, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, and San Bernardino.  Once the masks are received in the CHP field division offices the CHP Special Services Commander in each location will schedule event distribution dates, locations such as rest areas, truck stops, etc.
  • I-5 at Fort Tejon pass rest area, north of LA.  
  • Ports of entry (border crossings)


April 30 & May 1, 2020

  • I-75 SB, MM 179, in Forsyth/Juliette, GA just north of Macon, GA.
  • I-85 SB at Georgia – South Carolina Border (Franklin County Inspection Station) MM 169
  • I-95 SB at Georgia – South Carolina Border (Chatham County Inspection Station) MM 111
  • I-75 NB at Georgia – Florida Border (Lowndes County Inspection Station) MM 23
  • I-75 SB at Georgia – Tennessee Border (Catoosa County Inspection Station) MM 343
  • I-85 NB at Georgia – Alabama Border (Troup County Inspection Station) MM 23
  • I-95 NB at Georgia – Florida Border (McIntosh County Inspection Station) MM 55
  • I-20 WB at Georgia – South Carolina Border (Columbia County Inspection Station) MM 188
  • I-20 WB at Georgia – Alabama Border (Douglas County Inspection Station) MM 43
  • I-16 WB from Savanah Port Area (Bryan County Inspection Station) MM 144


April 30, 2020

  • I-80/I-294 [Tri-State Tollway] EB at MM 1. Distribution begins at 10am local time.


May 1, 2020

Rest Areas 

  • I-70 WB  MM 107.  Greenfield, IN                                            Distribution Hours: 1000-1400
  • I-70 EB  MM 65.  Plainfield, IN                                                Distribution Hours: 1000-1400
  • I-65 SB  MM 150.  Thorntown, IN                                                           Distribution Hours: 1000-1400
  • I-65 NB  MM 72.  Columbus, IN                                                               Distribution Hours: 1000-1400


April 30, 2020:  

  • Goehner Truck Parking Area Interstate 80 MM 375 WB             Distribution Hours: 0800-1600
  • Melia Hills Rest Area (Omaha) Interstate 80 MM 431 WB          Distribution Hours: 0800-1600 
  • Waverly EB Interstate 80 MM 415 EB                                       Distribution Hours: 0800-1600 
  • Waverly WB Interstate 80 MM 415 WB                                    Distribution Hours: 0800-1600
  • North Platte EB Interstate 80 MM 180 EB                                  Distribution Hours: 0800-1600
  • North Platte WB Interstate 80 MM 181WB                                Distribution Hours: 0800-1600
  • Nebraska City EB/WB  Hwy 2 MM 501 EB/WB                       Distribution Hours: 0800-1600
  • Fremont NB/SB Hwy 77/275 MM 123 NB/SB                            Distribution Hours: 0800-1600
  • Hebron Hwy 81 NB/SB MM 4 NB/SB                                       Distribution Hours: 0800-1600

New York:

  • New York City (Bronx)-Hunts Point Food Distribution Center, 1400 Viele Avenue (temporary COVID-19 truck parking location-55 truck capacity)
  • New York City (Staten Island)-Global Container Terminal, N. Washington Avenue off of I-278 (temporary COVID-19 truck parking location-25 truck capacity)

May 4 & 15, 2020

  • I-87 NB at MM 33.  Sloatsburg Rest Area (North of NYC)


  • I-35 NB MM 362A approximately 5 miles south of Hillsboro, midway between Dallas/Ft. Worth and Waco

Texas inspection facilities:

  • Mount Pleasant – I 30
  • Queen City – US 59
  • New Waverly – I-45
  • Falfurrias – US 281
  • Riviera – US 77
  • Penwell – I-20
  • Devine – I-35
  • Seguin – I-10

“Under Secretary Chao’s leadership, the Department of Transportation been supporting America’s truckers during this challenging time. We have all seen the incredible efforts that the nation’s commercial drivers are making each day to deliver goods and supplies to homes, businesses, and hospitals throughout America. With the help of our state partners and the motor carrier industry, these protected masks will help truckers remain safe and healthy while they continue to maintain our nation’s supply chain,” said FMCSA Acting Administrator Jim Mullen.  


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