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Husband and wife found inside torched semi truck


On Sunday morning, authorities found the bodies of a husband and wife inside of a burned up semi truck.

According to a local news source, the bodies of Ronald Merritt, 45, and his wife, Carisa Merritt, 42, were discovered at approximately 7:00 am on Sunday, November 1, near a hunting camp in Jefferson County, Mississippi.

Authorities discovered the bodies after Carisa Merritt’s mother alerted the authorities to check on her daughter and son-in-law after she saw the couple’s blue semi truck drive by her house on Sunday, just before daylight, but she said that Carisa didn’t show up to church and wasn’t answering her calls.

Carisa’s mother said it wasn’t like her daughter to not show up to church or take her calls.

A witness called 911 after spotting human remains in the burned truck outside of the hunting camp.

The witness reportedly told investigators that Merritt blew his horn to be let into the hunting camp. A short time later, the witness said that he heard what he believed to be a gunshot and then, a few minutes later, he said he heard an explosion.

The incident remains under investigation.


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