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Poll says ‘lack of respect’ is the top source of stress for OTR drivers


A recent poll conducted by CDLLife has revealed that a lack of respect from non-truckers, along with concerns over poorly trained truck drivers, are prominent stressors for truckers while OTR.

In the poll, nearly 1700 truck drivers responded to the question “What is the most stressful part of being a truck driver?” Of the 1659 respondents, 35% chose ‘Lack of respect from non-truckers,’ 34% chose ‘Pressure from laws & regulations,’ 19% chose ‘Loneliness and isolation,’ while still another 12% answered ‘Other,’ often specifying in the comments. 

Of the 197 comments made regarding the poll, an overwhelming majority cited poorly trained truck drivers as a major stressor, with parking, HOS/ELDs, and motorists coming close behind.

Additional concerns mentioned in the comments included dispatch and shipper/receiver relations, scheduling, and eating healthy while OTR. 

According to the American Trucking Association, truck driver turnover rates climbed as high as 90% in September of last year – could job-related stress be one of the reasons?


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