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Fellow trucker, passing motorists work to free driver trapped in fiery wreck


A truck driver trapped inside of a fiery wreck survived the ordeal thanks to several Good Samaritans who were in the right place at the right time. 

The accident and subsequent rescue happened on Friday, July 2nd in Outagamie County, Wisconsin. 

According to WBAY News, the semi truck was traveling along Interstate 41 near the Richmond Street exit when it was cut off by two cars, causing the rig to jackknife and catch fire. As soon as those who witnessed the wreck saw the flames, they knew they had to jump into action. 

“I mean the first thing I screamed was there’s somebody in there. The semi went down and nobody is coming out. Somebody is in there,” said Dawn Christensen, who was driving north on I-41 at around 4:30 with her daughter and granddaughter when she saw the accident. 

Christensen wasn’t the only one who noticed that the driver needed help; as she comforted the trapped driver, a female trucker grabbed her fire extinguisher and two motorcycle riders and a crew of construction workers attempted to pry open the wrecked cab. 

“I have no idea who any of these people were nor am sure they know me either. We just all looked at each other and figured out, we got to save this guy,” Christensen said.

“We screamed 1, 2, 3, and God willing they got [the cab-over] up just far enough for him to move his hand out of there, which was hard to see in of itself. He was bleeding a lot,” Christensen continued. 

Thanks to the help of this group of strangers, the trapped driver survived the incident, although his current condition is not known. 

“I just looked at everybody and I just said, ‘you are all heroes. This gentleman was stuck and you all came to help and we literally just witnessed a miracle,” Christensen added. 

“He had angels on his side and it was a blessing.”


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