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No vehicles hit, passengers expected to recover after small plane lands on highway


Four people were hurt on Thursday afternoon after a small plane made an emergency landing on an illinois interstate. 

The incident occurred on May 13th on the Veterans Memorial Tollway in New Lenox.

According to CBS Chicago, the plane made an emergency landing due to “unknown mechanical issues” after taking off from Lewis University airport just five minutes earlier. 

Police say that the pilot was somehow able to avoid every vehicle on the highway, and his quick thinking prevented a more serious accident. 

All four people inside of the plane were taken to a nearby hospital. The pilot and two 21-year-old passengers suffered broken backs as a result of the crash, but the 15-year-old passenger apparently walked away “without a scratch.”

“I’m just glad he had enough experience to do what he did,” said the stepfather of one of the 21-year-olds. “It could have ended real different. He’s a hero.”

“He definitely saved all their lives – that’s for sure,” said the woman’s mother. “I mean, it could have been way worse than what it was.”

“She said she just closed her eyes and hoped for the best,” the mother continued. “Hugged her best friend, told her she loved her,” added the stepfather. 

The pilot is expected to undergo surgery for his injuries. 

The plane has since been cleared from the highway, but officials are still investigating the incident.


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