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Omnitracs releases driver-facing camera tech that uses AI to detect smoking, ‘wearing sunglasses’


Trucking tech provider Omnitracs debuted a new driver-facing camera system that can reportedly use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect multiple distracted driving behaviors while a truck driver is behind the wheel.

On June 10, Omnitracs announced the debut of “SmartSense for Inattentive Driving+” which uses “integrated cab-facing cameras and sensor employ AI and computer vision to detect suspected sleep, drowsiness, cell phone usage, smoking, and general inattention, alerting drivers to take action to avoid a collision,” according to a news release from the company.

The company says that the distracted driving AI as developed using data from more than 300 million analyzed driving safety events and more than 30 billion driving miles across all transportation sectors.

“Using two cameras built into a single unit, the solution provides complete visibility of the entire cab and details of the driver’s face, eyes, and hands to identify drowsiness, sleep, phone use, cigarette use, seatbelt use, and other safety-critical behaviors. It is only with two cameras that a fleet truly knows if a driver is attentive or not, even if the driver is wearing sunglasses,” the release continued.

“Inattention is a pandemic – and one that has become increasingly worse,” commented Omnitracs CTO, Ray Ghanbari. “SmartSense for Inattentive Driving+ addresses this problem head on using advanced technologies and analytics to keep our drivers safe and help all of us get home safely.”

Omnitracs released the video below to demonstrate how the tech works.

Omnitracs says that the system will be available this summer.


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