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VIDEO: Police officer spends extra time patrolling near parked semi trucks to protect drivers from danger

A police officer offers his thanks and his protection to truckers passing through his town in this heartwarming video. 

“As law enforcement I see truck drivers every night. They’re the other ones usually sharing the roads with me,” the officer says at the start of the video. 

“I sure do appreciate them. I hope they understand why they do what they do. I keep an eye on them to make sure that they’re safe,” he continues, panning the camera to get a full view of the rig.

“This truck is parked in my town, and he’ll be safe tonight. So will his truck. Thank you for your time. Thank you for hauling for us. You are the backbone of America. Thank you again. Be safe, godspeed.”

Watch the heartwarming thank you that actually makes a difference, below.


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