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WATCH: Driver learns a lesson he won’t soon forget


A trucker learns a lesson the hard way courtesy of a ruptured fuel tank and a busted wall in this confusing clip. 

In the video, another driver captures a rig making a very confusing attempt to make a sharp right under a low bridge, and it doesn’t go well. 

As highlighted by the crude language and distant shouts of motorists, the filming driver and those around him watch in horror as the offending driver backs up, hits a pole with his trailer, and the disappears beneath a low bridge, a variety of crashing and crunching sounds following in his wake. 

“Operator blew open his diesel tank and took out the wall,” reads the video caption. 

“Tell me it’s your last day without telling me it’s your last day,” comments one viewer. 

“A few people learning life lessons is all,” added another. 

Check out the hard-to-watch video, below.


Greasy fuckin operator blew open his diesel tank and took out the wall @iron_mike_sharp please educate this fella @#GFYM #fypシ #fypage

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