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WATCH: Old School lady trucker tells stories of the old days, criticizes new generation


A real trucking veteran tells a story about the old days and offers up some pertinent advice to the new generation of trucking women in this touching video. 

In the clip, Tik Toking trucker @luckylockett379, AKA Mother Goose, tells the heartwarming story of how she made a new friend in trucking and how the two of them worked together to make trucking a better place for women., 

“Back in the late 80’s when I started driving truck, it was extremely rare to come across another female driver, but when we did come across each other, we were all love and hugs and instant membership into the sisterhood.”

She then launches into a story about an air line repair that ended in taking a stand for the rights of lady truckers. 

The fascinating tale about the old days of trucking concludes with a call to action from the seasoned driver:

“I’m just saying girls, I think we can do better. I challenge you girls to pick a sister. Praise her, lift her up, do better to make things better. What if us old ladies did nothing but fight against each other in the old days instead of taking a stand?”

Check out the story-telling video below.


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