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WATCH: Woman narrowly avoids being crushed by dump truck on live TV


A woman was nearly run over by a dump truck during a live TV broadcast in this clip. 

In the video, a group of bicyclists can be seen waiting to cross a busy road when one woman in the group suddenly decides to go for it. 

Right away, she appears to be thrown off balance by the wind from a passing motorcycle, and then immediately crosses into the path of a dump truck looking to cross into the median. The girl managed to avoid the truck and hit the brakes, but the incident was such a close call that the tire on her bike was run over and twisted in the process.  

As the clip draws to a close, the woman can be seen covering her mouth with her hand as if to acknowledge just how close she came to being flattened. 

Watch the clip of this series of bad decisions, below.

Stupid girl almost crushed by dump truck – on live TV from r/Truckers

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