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NYC Mayor announces ticketing blitz for trucks parked in Queens 


New York City mayor Eric Adams has announced a ticketing blitz against tractor trailers parked in neighborhoods in Queens. 

Mayor Adams announced the new initiative on Monday night, August 22nd, and says it will specifically target trucks parked overnight in residential neighborhoods in southeast Queens. 

“For far too long, large commercial vehicles have been parking illegally in this neighborhood, disrupting daily life and contributing to noise, traffic and pollution. We cannot let our neighborhood streets turn into illegal parking lots,” Adams said according to NY Daily News.

“If you park commercial vehicles illegally, you will get ticketed, towed, or given the boot.”

Tickets aimed at parked trucks in the city saw an increase starting August 15th, with 597 summonses, 89 boots, and 55 truck tows in Jamaica, Springfield Gardens and Queens Village. Queens Borough President Donavan Richards says that he is lobbying Albany lawmakers to increase fines related to illegal truck parking in an attempt to deter drivers from staying overnight on Queens streets. 

While the mayor has provided no truck parking solutions or options, he claims the city is looking into legal parking for truck drivers.


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