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Some Georgia truck drivers say they are “not able to support” their families in wake of rising fuel prices


Several truck drivers spoke to 13 WMAZ, to explain how the high prices have negatively affected their jobs and their family lives. Some drivers, such as Nathaniel Baker, say that the rise of the average cost of diesel from $3 to $5 has him worried about providing for his family. 

“Yeah, I am not able to support my family like I used to due to fuel,” Baker said. 

“You can’t really live off of driving a truck like you used to… Right now, I am having to file bankruptcy.”

Brian Minor, a trucking company owner, says that he is fortunate as a retired veteran, and can afford to only take jobs when the price is right, but other drivers are not quite so fortunate. Minor says some trucking companies are cutting drivers’ shifts, and some companies the drivers deliver for aren’t willing to pay higher prices for loads to accommodate the rising cost of fuel. 

On top of all that, truck upkeep can get expensive, and some drivers are barely breaking even these days. 

“[Some truckers] might have a load that pays $1,000, they may have $900 worth of fuel, so they may go out and work a whole day for $100 overall, and then if they blow a tire, that’s $300,” explained trucker Stanley Russell. 


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