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Truck driver seriously hurt in shooting at North Carolina Pilot truck stop


A truck driver suffered major injuries during a shooting incident at a Pilot in Charlotte that left one other person dead.

The shooting occurred around 11:30 p.m. on October 3 at a Pilot store located off I-85 in north Charlotte.

When the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department arrived at the scene, they found two gunshot victims at the store who were reportedly shot in the wake of an argument.

Both people were transported to the hospital. One of the victims, Raymond Goodman, 32, died at the hospital around 2 a.m. on October 4.

The other victim is 26 year old Oregon-based truck driver Vasya Nesvit, who was caught up in the crossfire of the truck stop shooting.

According to family members, Nesvit departed on his truck for work from Portland, Oregon, and stopped at the Charlotte Pilot.

Nesvit’s sister Rayisa Nesvit describes the circumstances leading to the shooting in a GoFundMe requesting help with medical expenses for her uninsured brother:

He was at a truck stop getting ready to take rest, and decided to take a shower. After the shower he was gathering his things to go back to his truck, when he heard a loud sound, he didn’t give it much thought thinking it was just fireworks. When he got out of the building there was a guy pointing a gun at him, and another guy laying in a puddle of blood.. In total shock Vasya went to the nearest vehicle for cover. And that’s when he realized the guy had already shot him.. The bullet hit him right under the heart and went through his body.. In 7 minutes after the shooting Vasya was already in surgery..

The GoFundMe supporting Nesvit’s medical expenses has raised more than $22,000.

So far, police have not provided any information on what led to the shooting or any information on the shooting suspect.


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