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VIDEO: Storm chasers checking on one crashed trucker get hit by a second semi during blizzard


A popular storm chasing team got more than they bargained for when their vehicle was struck by an out of control semi truck during a snow storm in North Dakota this week.

The crash happened as the 606 Storm Chasing Team was on I-94 near Tappen, North Dakota. The team members stopped to check on a trucker whose vehicle jackknifed during the blizzard.

As the storm chasers were stopped checking on the trucker blocking the interstate, a second truck lost control while approaching the scene. The team said they watched the second semi approaching fast in his rear view mirror and “made a b-line for the ditch,” but it wasn’t enough to prevent the crash. 

So, first off, we’re okay. 100%. Car… not so much. Second off, we had just stopped to check on a semi driver that had just crashed and blocked the entire interstate with his semi, we made sure he got out and into heat out of the elements. Called 911 upon him crashing, and then waited on help. Sheriff pulled up, told us to sit still not to move, he would go back and warn people, so we did. We watched our rear view the entire time… Then this happened. I made a b-line for the ditch, which may have saved us from a truly major impact. Car is pretty messed up, probably will be getting a rental to get home. safe to say, chase is called for the season. Til’ next year.. hopefully. But we are safe,” 606 Storm Chasing said. 

Check out video of the moment of impact below. 


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