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VIDEO: Trucker knocked around by fellow driver 


A truck driver managed to film a fellow trucker knocking into him during a very poor attempt at a lane change in this dash cam video. 

In the clip, the filming driver is traveling in the middle lane when another rig pulls up on his right side. Their lanes then turn into an entrance ramp for another highway, but the driver on the right clearly changes his mind about where he needs to go.

As the filming driver makes the slight right onto the entrance ramp, the driver on the right realizes he is in the wrong lane and changes lanes right into the filming truck, knocking it onto the shoulder. 

The driver on the right then speeds up ahead of the filming driver and speeds away on the shoulder, leaving the filming driver to figure out what just happened. 

“This happened to my good friend in Dallas last week.  What do you guys think about it?” reads the video caption. 

“The truck on the right was acting like a 4 wheeler, had no idea he was going to cut into the left he should have slowed down, put his turn signal on,” commented one viewer. 

What do you think? Check it out, below.


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