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VIDEO: U.S. DOT boss rides along with 30 year veteran truck driver


U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg goes for a ride along with a UPS truck driver to learn more about the men and women of the trucking industry.

The video shared by Buttigieg on December 22, 2022, features a truck driver named Dale who has driven trucks for thirty years.

During the ride along, Dale talks about how he entered the trucking industry, what he likes about his job, and how he believes safety is paramount to a successful career as a truck driver.

“All the way up to the President, we’ve had conversations, how do we made sure we support drivers, how do we make sure we recruit drivers and recognize them. Because we know that what you all do is just so essential to the economy working,” Buttigieg says during the ride along.

Check out video from the ride along below.


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