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VIDEO: Unsecured load gives officer nasty surprise 


A pickup driver learned a lesson about load securement in basically the most direct way possible in this police officer’s dash cam video. 

In the video, a pickup driver traveling in front of a recording police officer with a chair in the bed of the truck was a little too confident that the furniture would stay put. 

As the officer is driving, the chair suddenly flies out of the back of the pickup and smashed directly through the patrol vehicle windshield. 

“Yesterday, an unsecured chair flew out of the back of a pickup truck on I-89 in South Burlington and smashed into a VSP cruiser,” wrote the VT State Police Traffic Safety twitter. 

“Luckily no one was injured. The pickup’s driver was ticketed for an unsecured load. Remember: Vehicle loads must be properly secured at all times!”

Check out the lesson for yourself, below. 


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